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The Optimus Box

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Introducing The Optimus Box! This ultimate bundle gets you the most merchandise for the best price. The Optimus Box is a monthly product that gets you SIX of our comfortable t-shirts, a hoodie and a hat! Five of our most popular shirt designs are hand-picked from California and each month, we'll add an EXCLUSIVE t-shirt for you that you can't get anywhere else! We'll also throw in a hoodie and a hat to give you some variety.

- Five t-shirts + exclusive monthly shirt

- One hoodie

- One hat

Focused on quality.

Rest assured, we're here to provide you with quality products. Everything that we produce and sell is guaranteed to satisfied! Last year, we had a 99.3% satisfaction rating, and it's been higher this year so far!

  • Fast shipping, free over $100.

    Purchase $100 or more in Optimus merchandise and you'll receive free shipping. On average, you'll get your order 2-5 days after it ships from our doors.

  • Supports the channel tremendously.

    Did you know the average shirt sale through Shoptimus financially supports Optimus 10,000x more than watching a YouTube ad? Yeah, and we plant 10 trees for each purchase.