Hello, and welcome to Shoptimus! Thank you for your consideration when it comes to the products. Here are some FAQs:

1.) Who designs the Optimus merchandise?

All designs are currently created by me, Optimus, in conjunction with artists commissioned to help fulfill the final vision for products. This has helped employ dozens of international artists for merchandise concepts over the years and I am committed to continuing this vision in the future.

2.) Why should I purchase merchandise?

It's one of the best ways to support Optimus and my content. YouTube can be a very punishing platform for creators, and it's what I make most of my living from. Helping support me in other ways can help free the burden from demonetization, content suppression and other problems while also getting a product (or products) that you love!

3.) What are the clothes made from?

All merchandise will have more information about its specific manufacturing specifications on the description of the product page. Due to the wide range of variety in products, it's hard to say specifically here. If you have any other questions, you can always reach out to our support team through the web chat.

4.) Are there other outlets that sell official Optimus merchandise?

The only official places to purchase Optimus merchandise is here and through the YouTube channel. If this changes, I will update you.

 5.) What is your refund policy?

We've unfortunately had to change our refund and return policies in 2023 due to high levels of attempted fraud, especially in overseas transactions. As of now, we no longer issue refunds on physical orders. Digital orders are still eligible for refund under specific circumstances. If you believe you qualify for a refund on a digital item, please reach out to our live support chat.

6) What is your return policy?

As of now, we do not accept returns for any purpose. Our manufacturers are unable to accept refunds, which prevents us from accepting returns, as well.

Thank you for reading the FAQs. If you have any suggestions on what should be placed here, feel free to email support@subtooptimus.com!