Hello, and welcome to ShopOpti! Thank you for your consideration when it comes to our products. Here are some FAQs:

1.) Who designs the Optimus merchandise?

All designs are currently created by Optimus himself in conjunction with artists commissioned or solely by himself. All collaboration lines are also designed by Optimus.

2.) Why should I purchase merchandise?

It's one of the best ways to support Optimus and his content. YouTube can be a very punishing platform for creators, and it's what Optimus makes his living from. Helping support him in other ways can help free the burden from demonetization and other problems while also getting a product(s) that you think is nice!

3.) What are the clothes made from?

Currently, most if not all merchandise is 100% cotton. There are more individualized details on all product pages in the description, including sizing charts.

4.) Are there other outlets that sell official Optimus merchandise?

As of right now, no other official Optimus merchandise is currently available. If this changes, Optimus will let you know.


Thank you for reading the FAQs. If you have any suggestions on what should be placed here, feel free to email support@subtooptimus.com!